Welcome to Solid Wood Innovation

Solid Wood Innovation (SWI) is a research consortium that builds upon the initial research conducted by WQI. The focus of SWI is to create value for its stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand in the area of solid wood processing. The value proposition is in three areas:

  1. Increased manufacture of appearance related wood products targeted at export markets.
  2. More efficient structural and appearance manufacturing through yield optimisation systems.
  3. Greater energy efficiency and reduced water usage in wood drying.

SWI’s research is focused on radiata pine, the major softwood plantation forest species in New Zealand and Australia. The company operates as a consortium and shareholders cash injections are matched by NZ Government funding via the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Our History

SWI commenced operation 1 May 2009. It was formed from the realignment of WQI Limited, the first consortium established in NZ in Feb 2003 and which focused on the development of tools and technologies for segregating standing trees, stems, logs and lumber based on wood quality features. WQI invested around $12 million NZD over 6 years and was considered a success by its investors/stakeholders and sustained a focus on radiata wood quality R&D in Australia and New Zealand. Having achieved much of what it set out to do, stakeholders in WQI supported a substantial shift in focus for the company and, with the introduction of new shareholders from the wood processing sector, SWI was formed.

Through the FWPA, WQI Limited (and now also SWI) has serviced its stakeholders in both Australia and New Zealand.