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Research Programme

There are 4 parts (objectives) to the SWI research programme. Detail on the research focus within each objective is provided below – this is constantly changing as work is completed and new priorities established.


  • CODIL for control of resin showthrough and resin bleed.
  • Ultrasound detection of intra-ring checking and resin pockets.
  • Automated location of pith on log ends using digital photography. Applies to both appearance and structural mills.
  • Head rig open face grading system. Applicable to appearance manufacturers for resinous defects and for structural manufacturers processing a mix of pruned and unpruned logs.
Research Programme

Logs & Stems

  • Stem and log segregation technologies to get the right log to the right mill and to optimise breakdown for structural and appearance product performance.
  • Internal defect recognition for green logs to detect 3D distribution of resinous defects, compression wood & spiral grain, & therefore log rotation for optimal sawing patterns.


  • More efficient structural lumber manufacturing with higher yields of better performing performance guaranteed products (using less energy and less water).
  • Green segregation technology for key wood properties to identify poor material and get it out of the manufacturing process early.
  • The need for on line scanning for delivering warp stable solid wood products.

Energy Drying & Water

  • Energy Challenge – 5% savings (see separate tab).
  • Reduced energy, water usage and emissions in kiln drying of lumber (including residues utilisation options).
  • Optimisation of existing batch drying processes.
  • Smarter monitoring of kiln conditions and endpoints.
  • Controlling kiln emissions, water & energy.
  • Work on Continuous Kiln development.